Repeated Games and Population Structure Simulation

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Here you can run the simulations!

Repeated Games Simulations

You can download the software here.

Once the program is running just click on the big play button to start the fun. Feel free to re-arrange and re-size the windows, zoom-in and out as the program is running.

Screenshot of the simulations

Use Java RunTime 5.0 or newer to run the software. It should be just fine if you already have java installed in your machine, just double click once you have downloaded the file, or choose open from the browser box.

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Notes on using the software

  • If you use measures (of cooperation and reciprocity) the software will run considerably slower than when not using measures.
  • The parameter precisionMeasures determines how long in the history of the game will you go to compute measures of reciprocity and cooperation. Tune it to your machine's power and consider the continuation probability.
  • Send us an email if you want to generate data from the software in plain files, or if you just have questions or comments (Matthijs c.m.vanveelen AT - or - Julian j.garcia AT